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A Simple Way to Make a Sweater and Dress Combination

It seems like this year, winter decided to make an early appearance. With the holiday season going into full swing next week, it’ll be time to bring out your best attire for the family gathering or the annual company holiday party. Usually, this means picking out your favorite dress to wear but considering the cold weather, you may need to pair the dress with a sweater. What’s the best way to create a dazzling combo that keeps you warm while highlighting the dress?

The trick is surprisingly simple yet the results make for a wonderful outfit. Simply choose the sweater and place it over your dress, pick out a thin belt with a similar shade as the dress, wear it over the top, and then blouse the sweater until the belt is deceptively hidden below the sweater. And just like that, you’ve created an eye-catching dress and sweater combination that’s delightfully perfect for the winter.

While sweaters are associated with winter, this easy dress and sweater pairing is also a fantastic way to explore your closet and make use of your favorite summer dresses. With this simple trick, you can get very creative with mixing and matching dresses and sweaters that otherwise wouldn’t look or appropriate.

Should you wish to explore further, visit the Glamour website to learn more about it. You can also check out the TikTok video shared by @JesswithLess to see how the sweater and dress pairing is done. Have fun getting creative with your favorite dresses!