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How to Pull off “Dressy Casual”

A party can be a great time, but there is always the lingering problem of the dress code. In some cases, what should be a straightforward process of finding an appropriate outfit can turn into confusion. What does something like “dressy casual” mean anyway? Should you wear a dress for a formal event? Should you wear some nice jeans?

With dressy casual, it’s a way of saying “don’t get too formal but at the same time, we ask that you stay away from jeans or shorts. You may also wish to take into consideration what time the event is being held. If it’s at night, you want to lean more towards formal. A daytime event, on the other hand, provides a greater level of freedom on what to wear.

Should you need some suggestions on possible “dressy casual” outfits, you may wish to go for a cocktail dress, even if it’s more along the lines of dress than casual. If you want something that belongs to the casual category but can also be dressy, you can opt for a day dress or a sundress. These dresses maintain that feeling of summer and are usually made of a material like cotton or lace.

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