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Looking like Royalty at the Holiday Parties

We previously talked about how the holiday season is great for dress inspiration. Should you need some inspiration, the royal family has dressed to impress for decades. Why not wear a dress where you feel like royalty?

A classic black dress is a perennial style that has stood the test of time and still looks good. The late Princess Diana famously wore an iconic dress when she danced with actor John Travolta. Fast forward several years and her daughter-in-law Meghan Markle pulled off a gorgeous midi dress last year at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Along with black, red is a bright, always fashionable color and it’s one that’s perfectly festive for the holiday season. Again, Princess Diana and Meghan Markle have both pulled off red effortlessly in the past and the Queen herself is famously fond of bright colors.

Remember that part of the attractiveness of a dress is how comfortable you feel in it, which translates to a confidence that exudes style to spare. If it makes you happy, chances are you’ll feel like royalty no matter what style or color of dress you choose.

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