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The Right Shoes for Your Beautiful Dress

In the previous blog, we talked about the many holiday parties you may be attending this month. Among choosing the dress, you’ll likely have to choose the right pair of shoes to go with the said dress. How do you choose the right footwear to complement your carefully chosen dress?

What type of dress are you wearing? Is it something extravagant? If so, you’ll want to keep the shoes simple so that they accentuate the dress versus draw attention away from them. With that in mind, if you’re wearing a sparkly dress then you’ll want to stick with shoes that have minimal details so they don’t clash. This also applies to dresses with jewels or prints.

Let’s say you’ve decided on an eye-catching yet simple dress. You may want to go with sandals or perhaps a pair of stylish pumps or maybe ones with stress. Can’t make up your mind between something glamorous or sophisticated? Pay close attention to the color of the shoes you choose.

Use this fundamental guide to help ypu figure out what shoes to choose for your dress. Wedges work great with sundresses or casual outfits. Platforms will complement a formal look while kitten heels are a balance between business and casual.

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