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Use the Holidays as Dress Inspiration

Now that the holidays are here, you may find yourself having to make room in your schedule for the various holiday parties. Whether you’re the one throwing the party or an invited guest, part of the experience is wearing the right dress for the occasion.

Be creative. While some parties may call for formal dress, don’t be afraid to wear a dress that shows off the figure you’re proud or emanates an unusual pop of color. Most parties present fantastic opportunities to have some fun and be creative with your dress.

Get inspired. With all of the holiday décor, displays, and outfits, you may find inspiration in the most unlikely of places. It doesn’t hurt to have someone you trust to give you an honest, constructively critical opinion of a certain item you’re intending to pull off. You may find the item can work in different ways depending on the dress.

Get festive. This isn’t to suggest that your dress should make you look like you’re a walking holiday decoration. By this we mean to take into account the season and use it to your advantage. Think of shimmery dresses that evoke the holiday spirit for example.

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